This is just a brief overview of some of our most popular services, each job is as important as the last, so get in touch for a free, no obligation quote or professional advice

Tree Management

Crown raise Services

Crown Raise

This involves removing the lowest branches of a tree up to a certain point. Trees pruned in this way appear well-maintained and tidy; it also allows for people and vehicles to pass under the tree unimpeded.

Crown Thin services

Crown Thin

This involves the selective removal of branches within the crown. This is a good option for trees with very dense crowns that may have been neglected, or where it is desirable to allow more light to pass through without changing the overall shape and size of the tree.

Crown reduction Services

Crown Reduction

Where a tree has become too big for its location, or there is a risk that its size is causing safety issues, a crown reduction is a good option. This involves shortening branches from the growing tips to reduce the overall size of the crown. 

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Arguably the most technical of all pruning techniques, when carried out properly will result in a tree that retains its shape and form and looks good for many years after. Our trained arborists will always consider the species of a tree before carrying out work sympathetically to achieve a natural appearance while maximising the time before pruning is needed again and minimising physiological stress on the tree.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree is always a last resort, but where it is necessary we can undertake the safe felling of any tree. Using modern techniques, our trained staff can quickly and safely remove any tree that may be causing a problem. 

Our qualified tree climbers are experts in dismantling trees safely and lowering limbs in a controlled manner where there are obstacles under the tree, e.g. sheds/glasshouses.

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For dead, dangerous or storm damaged trees we use Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. If a tree poses a risk or is unsafe, then it may be necessary to fell. However, it is important to check for Conservation Areas or TPOs. Where these apply, permission is required to cut trees. We can carry out any applications on your behalf, our experience in this means that there is the best possible chance of any request for work being accepted.

Wood Chip and Firewood

We provide split and seasoned logs for burning. These are a byproduct of the work we carry out and as such are a sustainable source of fuel for residential customers across Norfolk. We mostly use hardwoods, there will only ever be a maximum of 10% softwoods in the mix.

Another product we supply is woodchippings, these can be used for a variety of applications from mulch for beds, to pathways and bedding/ground cover for animals such as horses and chickens. 

Please get in touch for a detailed quote for firewood or woodchip.

Stump Grinding

After felling a tree all that remains in the ground is the stump. In certain cases this can cause a problem, for instance if building works are planned or if there are new trees to be planted in the same spot or future landscaping projects. 

When you contact us to provide a quote for stump removal, we will carry out a site visit and assessment free of charge and provide a competitive no-obligation quote.

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We use specialist machinery to remove stumps of any size in any location. Depending on the site conditions and access, our team will use the appropriate machine to grind out the stump to about 300mm below ground level.

We can use a CAT Cable Avoidance Tool to check for any underground utilities and ensure that it is safe to work.

Hedge Maintenance

We offer a ‘one-off’ hedge cutting service or ongoing annual maintenance. For the perfect hedge it may be necessary to cut it twice a year. 

Most importantly, we must avoid disturbing any nesting bird and this could be from mid-February to mid-August depending on the species. It is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to damage or disturb nesting birds.

Tree Planting

For assistance with your tree planting project however large or small, get in touch with our team and we can provide expert advice on all aspects of tree planting. The most important factor is usually species selection.

Once the site has been properly assessed, it’s a matter of personal preference and there are a wealth of beautiful tree species and varieties to suit all tastes.

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Each location has its own unique set of parameters which determine what sort of tree is going to be suitable in the long term. Lots of trees end up being removed when they reach a certain size, as they are  ‘the wrong tree in the wrong place’. To avoid this, it is necessary to consider the usage of the site and the space available, both above and below ground, specifically when planting near buildings, as many species have root systems that can cause problems when close to building foundations.

Site Clearance

We provide comprehensive site clearance services to the construction sector. Working within the remits of your current planning constraints, we can deliver a site ready for development. 

To make the process as quick and efficient as possible, we employ time saving machinery where appropriate.. For example, using a flail to remove bramble growth is fast and efficient – and is a better experience for the operative compared to using a hand-held machine. Whether you are a developer or a landowner, we can assist you in your site or land clearance project.

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